About Us

The Community Banking Compliance Solution

Founded in 2011, Compliance Alliance is the only banking industry compliance resource that is owned, operated and managed by 28 State Bankers Associations. 

Based on the needs of community bankers, Compliance Alliance provides its members an ever-increasing set of bank compliance tools and services that help them stay up-to-date with consumer and regulatory requirements.

Members of Compliance Alliance receive: 

  • Access to an extensive collection of community banking compliance resources created specifically for them by industry experts.
  • A hotline for compliance-related concerns.
  • Reviews of company advertising or marketing campaigns, policies, procedures, disclosures and new products.

Compliance Alliance is the only all-inclusive banking compliance resource in the market today. All of our products and services are included in our annual membership fee and we offer unlimited access to all employees of member banks. 

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Your Consumer and Regulatory Compliance Experts

The Compliance Alliance team consists of former regulators, attorneys and compliance specialists. Each expert on our hotline and product development teams began their careers in banks working on regulatory issues. We share a passion for, and expertise in, banking and compliance. As a result, Compliance Alliance understands your needs and can offer detailed expertise to help you tackle your most difficult compliance issues and questions. 

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