Meet Our Staff

The Compliance Alliance Team

Darlia Fogarty
Director of Compliance & COO

Darlia Fogarty brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to our banks as well as our staff. After 12 years as a commissioned national bank examiner with the OCC, Darlia developed an expertise in compliance while administering examinations in banks of all sizes. She contributed as a member of the Retail Credit Team, with a Compliance Designation. Darlia also 10 years of experience as a compliance officer/auditor and 4 years as a compliance/audit consultant.

Darlia has spoken at a number of conventions, meetings and schools throughout the years. Her articles can be found in State Banking Association magazines, Compliance Alliance newsletters and several other publications. Darlia oversees the creation of tools and resources while also fielding questions from a wide range of regulatory and compliance issues faced by banks of all sizes. Part of the travel team at C/A, she can often be found speaking at compliance schools and conferences.

Silvia Garcia Maggio, CRCM
Deputy General Counsel

Silvia Garcia Maggio, CRCM, serves as Deputy General Counsel for Compliance Alliance. After graduating from The University of Texas School of Law in 2011, Silvia began her career in real property and foreclosure law. Silvia worked on the OCC independent foreclosure audit and in compliance for Enterprise Risk Management at a national mortgage servicer, gaining a multitude of experience dealing with multi-state and federal banking regulations. Silvia started with Compliance Alliance in March of 2014. Silvia heads our Education department and gives presentations nationwide at conferences, schools, conventions and remotely via bi-monthly webinars.  

Victoria E. Stephen, CRCM
Deputy General Counsel 

Victoria E. Stephen, CRCM, serves as Deputy General Counsel for Compliance Alliance and was recently appointed as the supervising attorney of Hotline. While receiving her Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking Finance from The University of Texas McCombs School of Business, Victoria worked in both deposit and lending services. She continued her interest in financial services at the University of Texas School of Law by focusing on secured transactions, taxation, contracts, and corporate governance. 

Victoria has since worked in corporate tax law, mergers and acquisitions, and performed legal research on a range of regulatory issues. Since joining the Compliance Alliance team in 2015, Victoria has written many articles for a variety of publications, and spoken at a number of compliance schools and conferences. Victoria heads our team of hotline attorneys who assist members with the spectrum of regulatory compliance questions on a daily basis, and serves as Editor of Compliance Alliance's monthly Access Magazine, which you can access here.  

Jennifer Kirby 
Compliance Specialist

Jennifer has over 15 years experience in the financial services industry. She began her career with a national bank in San Antonio, Texas while receiving her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance. She continued her interest in finance through law school and focused her course work on creditor and transactional issues. While in law school Jennifer worked at a commercial litigation law firm with a specific focus on creditor's rights and collection litigation matters. Since 2011, Jennifer has been part of the team of attorneys and compliance experts who develop all of C/A's wide range of products and tools for bank personnel.

Sarah Sauceda 
Associate General Counsel

Sarah serves as Associate General Counsel for Compliance Alliance. She is an Honors Program graduate who graduated summa cum laude from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas where she received her bachelor’s degree. While at Baylor Law School, Sarah heavily studied the financial aspects of the law—focusing her attention on secured transactions and the Uniform Commercial Code. Before coming to Compliance Alliance, she worked at Frost Bank within their Credit Administration Department. 

James McGuire 
Associate General Counsel

James McGuire has worked as an attorney and legal researcher in the financial industry since 2010. After graduating from the University of Minnesota Law School in 2007, he served as Assistant General Counsel for the Texas Attorney General in the Open Records Division, and later worked as a solo practitioner in the Austin area.  Prior to joining Compliance Alliance in July of 2015, James assisted a major mortgaging servicer with the OCC’s independent foreclosure audit and was an SEC filing researcher for a major financial and legal research firm.  He has extensive first-hand experience with open records, mortgage servicing, consumer law and securities regulation.

After a temporary hiatus, James has returned to C/A in his former role as Associate General Counsel. You may see James on the hotline from time to time—he also handles documents and advertisements submitted to us for compliance review.

John Berteau

John Berteau 
Associate General Counsel

John S. Berteau serves as Associate General Counsel for Compliance Alliance.  He has nearly fifteen years of combined experience in the financial services industry.  At Hancock Whitney Bank, he worked in the field of environmental risk management and compliance (CERCLA/RCRA/Wetlands).  At Alorica, the nation’s fastest-growing BPO, John worked in tandem with some of the largest banks in the U.S., helping to evaluate financial risks.  He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in History from the University of New Orleans, a Juris Doctorate from Loyola University New Orleans and is a licensed attorney in the State of Louisiana.

Zack Smith 
Associate General Counsel

Zack serves as Associate General Counsel for Compliance Alliance. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin where he received his Bachelor’s in Business Administration in finance. During his college summers, he worked at a community bank where he was exposed to the different operations of a bank. At Baylor Law School, he focused his studies on the different financial aspects of the law, including the Internal Revenue Code and Uniform Commercial Code. Prior to joining Compliance Alliance, Zack worked at a boutique law firm that specialized in tax controversy matters. He is a licensed attorney to practice in the State of Texas.

Daniela Clark 
Associate General Counsel

Daniela Clark serves as Associate General Counsel for Compliance Alliance. She holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from the University of Texas at Arlington, AACSB. She continued her interest in business by interning with the Entrepreneurship Clinic at Texas A&M University School of Law, from which she received her JD. Daniela has eight years of experience working in auto finance compliance for DealerSocket, AutoStar Solutions, SecureClose, and Ignite Consulting Partners. As one of our hotline advisors, Daniela helps C/A members with a wide range of regulatory and compliance questions.

Shared Employees

Chance Williams

Natalie Rhodes 
Membership Development

Natalie has been with Bankers Alliance more than two years and now heads our Membership Development. She wears a lot of hats around here – from keeping our travel schedule locked down, to supporting our SBAs, to setting up live demos and tours – she does it all! She also works with the B/A Marketing Team to keep things running smoothly with our website and helps new members navigate the startup process. 

Brittney Stacey

Brittney Stacey 
Membership Development

Brittney Stacey joins B/A’s Team from the fast-paced world of real estate leasing and sales here in Austin. Prior to that, she worked for a bank president for 2 years; managing everything from deposit and lending ops, to teller procedures, to board meetings, all for a small community bank.

Now at Bankers Alliance, Brittney has quickly become a valuable asset; helping to revamp our systems, while providing excellent support for our members. Her knowledge of day-to-day operations and bank compliance issues are helping the entire team craft better solutions.

Stevie Black

Stevie Black 
Marketing Coordinator

Stevie is B/A Marketing. He handles the writing, design, production and distribution of marketing materials to 30 state bankers associations, and for all of B/A's larger marketing efforts. In addition, Stevie designs our digital content, develops the digital marketing strategy, and coordinates all the website upkeep, as well as art directing and designing C/A Access magazine as part of the Editorial Team. He manages the troubleshooting ticket system and is main problem-solver on member accounts as well. All of our email marketing efforts, travel campaigns, and branding go through him too.

Black attended Philadelphia College of Art (now UArts) in Photo/Film with graduate work at SMFABoston in printmaking. Most of his career has been in the communication arts in one capacity or another; from managing photography labs to digital marketing/SEM, and product marketing. Currently, he is working on his first book of photographs.

Stevie Black

Jenny Casquejo 

Jenny recently joined the Administration team at Bankers Alliance.  She is an energetic and enthusiastic individual who is excited to help the team in any way that she can. Jenny attended Oregon State University where she received her Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Spanish. The time Jenny spent teaching and coaching has enabled her to think quickly and adapt to change, which should help keep the office running smoothly. 

Bankers Alliance

Scott Daugherty
President & General Counsel

Scott Daugherty serves as the President & General Counsel for Bankers Alliance. Through Bankers Alliance, he oversees Compliance Alliance and Review Alliance. Scott was an integral part of Compliance Alliance's startup and growth from its inception in 2011 and has been integral to the start-up of Bankers Alliance in 2018. Prior to Compliance Alliance, he joined the legal staff of the Texas Bankers Association in 2003, serving as the primary contact for the legal and compliance hotline, while also tackling legislative issues.

Scott brings a combination of community and regional bank experience along with his legal expertise. Prior to law school, Scott enjoyed a career in banking with a broad background that includes retail and branch management, and consumer and commercial lending responsibilities. He is one of the leading bank regulatory compliance and legal experts in the nation.

Scott is a frequent and sought-after speaker on bank compliance, regulatory and legal topics. He has spoken at numerous banking and legal conventions, schools, conferences, seminars and other events. Scott is consulted regularly by the banking industry, regulatory agencies and legislators. Scott has also written numerous articles for prominent banking publications, including many state bankers associations’ publications.