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Compliance Minute videos are short compliance training videos on consumer and banking regulations topics. Banking compliance professional instruction are supplemented by these compliance training videos and a comprehensive collection of bank compliance tools and products. Hosted by Deputy General Counsel, Silvia Garcia Maggio, the titles in the C/A video series will include; banking policies for every department, compliance and regulatory requirements, bank disclosure requirements and compliance best practices. 

Developed by Compliance Alliance's attorneys and compliance specialists to support your financial institution at every level, we invite you to browse this list of more than 1500 helpful compliance checklists, policies, procedures and regulations, click on this link.

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Featured Video

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    Refinances vs. Modifications, Part One

    Date posted: 12/11/2019
    In this C/A bank compliance training video, Victoria E. Stephen discusses refinances, modifications, and the differences regarding new obligations and existing obligations.

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    CRA Outside The Box | CA

    Date posted: 11/15/2019
    In this C/A bank compliance training video, Silvia Garcia Maggio talks about some more innovative approaches to getting Community Development credit for CRA.

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    Branch Closings | CA

    Date posted: 10/18/2019
    In this bank compliance online training video, Sarah E. Sauceda discusses what is needed when the bank needs to close a branch.

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    Consumer Complaint | CA

    Date posted: 09/27/2019
    In this week's Compliance Minute, Sarah E. Sauceda discusses best practices and frequently asked questions related to consumer complaint program management.

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    Consumer Protection in Sales of Insurance | CA

    Date posted: 09/13/2019
    In this C/A Minute bank compliance training video, Sarah E. Sauceda goes Back to Basics on the requirements of the Consumer Protection in Sales of Insurance Act.

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    Policy Writing | CA

    Date posted: 08/27/2019
    In this C/A Minute bank compliance training video with Silvia Garcia Maggio, policy writing and the best practices to include when writing or revising your written program are discussed.

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    Overdraft FAQs | CA

    Date posted: 08/07/2019
    In this bank compliance training video by C/A, Silvia Garcia Maggio discusses where to find overdraft requirements and guidance on best practices for your overdraft programs including Interagency Guidance 70 FR 9127 and FIL 81-2010.

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    Intent to Proceed | CA

    Date posted: 07/24/2019
    In this bank compliance training video by C/A, Victoria E. Stephen addresses some frequently asked questions relating to Reg. Z's Intent to Proceed requirements.

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    Permissible Purpose | CA

    Date posted: 07/09/2019
    In this bank compliance training video from C/A, Victoria E. Stephen explains when permissible purpose is required, and the various options the bank has to establish permissible purpose.

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    ESIGN | CA

    Date posted: 06/26/2019
    In this Compliance Alliance bank training video on ESIGN, Silvia Garcia Maggio goes back to basics on ESIGN and its requirements.

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