An In-Depth Look at Flood Insurance Webinar 2019

Flood insurance requirements are often one of the most challenging aspects of both commercial and residential lending. It's not uncommon for the borrower, lender and insurance agent to each reach a certain level of frustration with having to meet these requirements in order to get a loan closed. C/A’s March webinar will take an in-depth look at these requirements, top to bottom, including the much-anticipated Private Flood Insurance Final Rule and all of the following:

•             Scope of the rules

•             Minimum flood requirements

•             Notice requirements

•             NFIP limits by property type

•             Evidence of coverage

•             Contents, condominium, and construction coverage

•             Penalties for noncompliance

•             Exemptions, with an emphasis on detached structures

•             Escrow notices and exceptions

•             Force placement notices and procedures

•             Reauthorization

•             Frequently asked questions throughout

At the end of the presentation, you should be able to identify transactions and buildings that are covered by the rules, understand how to calculate the minimum amount of flood insurance required in various scenarios, have a grasp on the new private flood insurance requirements, and be able to determine which policies, procedures, and notices are required or recommended for compliance.

People who should attend: Expected attendees include compliance officers, loan operations personnel, loan officers, senior management, and auditors.

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