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Equifax Most Frequently Submitted CFPB Complaint in 2017

January 12, 2018 / Source: Bank News

January 11 — LendEDU released a report that analyzes all CFPB complaints from 2017. The report breaks down complaints by most common product complaints in each state, complaints per million residents in each state and percentage of complaints each state owns. Some of the more interesting take-aways include:

In 49 states and Washington D.C., Equifax was the most complained about company in 2017. Only North Dakota had a different company (Experian). This comes as no surprise after the massive Equifax cyber hack.
In total, there were 235,094 CFPB complaints in 2017. We broke down the number of each specific product complaint, so you are able to see the most/least commonly complained about products.
Washington D.C. had the most complaints per million residents (headquarters of CFPB), Georgia had the second most complaints per million residents (headquarters of Equifax), and Delaware had the third most complaints per million residents (incorporation capital).

The entire report, as well as interactive tables and maps, can be found here.