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FIL-57-2016: Supervisory Insights Journal: Summer 2016 Issue Now Available

August 22, 2016 / Source: FDIC

Summer 2016 Issue Now Available
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The Summer 2016 issue of Supervisory Insights features two articles of interest to examiners, bankers, and supervisors. The first article provides an overview of the current state of de novo bank formation, and the second article summarizes the types of issues most frequently observed by FDIC risk management examiners as reflected in the Matters Requiring Board Attention page of recent Reports of Examination. The publication is available at

Statement of Applicability to Institutions with Total Assets under $1 Billion: The information contained in this issue of Supervisory Insights may be of general interest to FDIC-supervised financial institutions, but it is not supervisory guidance.


  • The FDIC welcomes applications for deposit insurance. "De Novo Banks: Economic Trends and Supervisory Framework" provides an overview of trends in de novoformation; the process by which the FDIC reviews applications for deposit insurance; the supervisory process for de novo institutions; and steps the FDIC is taking to support de novo formations.
  • "'Matters Requiring Board Attention' Underscore Evolving Risks in Banking" discusses how the Matters Requiring Board Attention (MRBA) page within the Risk Management Report of Examination is used to focus the attention of bank management and the directors on issues and recommendations that, if addressed early, will reduce the likelihood that those institutions will experience serious adverse effects in the identified areas. This article describes the MRBA categories cited most often in 2014 and 2015 and highlights trends that can provide an overview of risks that may be developing in the industry.
  • The "Regulatory and Supervisory Roundup" provides an overview of recently released regulations and supervisory guidance.
  • Suggestions for article topics and requests for permission to reprint articles should be e-mailed to Requests for print copies should be e-mailed to


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