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Military Consumer: Sound Off!

November 15, 2016 / Source: FTC

By: Carol Kando-Pineda | Nov 15, 2016 11:04AM
The military community makes many of the same consumer decisions as their civilian counterparts. We all need to manage our money – and avoid rip-offs. But servicemembers and their families also face unique challenges, like frequent relocations and deployment. When a permanent change of station is on the horizon, a military family needs to rent or buy a new place to live, manage money while on the move, and be vigilant about dealing with businesses in an unfamiliar locale. A servicemember’s regular paycheck from Uncle Sam can make them a target for scammers.

That’s why the FTC has created the Military Consumer Toolkit and teamed up with the Department of Defense, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Military Saves, and many other partners to help servicemembers and their families navigate consumer decisions. We’d like to enlist your help in spreading the word to military personnel and families at your company and in your community. provides quick, mobile-friendly tips. Say a servicemember wants to buy a car, manage their money during deployment, or continue their education. They can get started right on their phone at Use the Toolkit’s presentation slides and talking points if you put on or participate in events for your military customers. Share the tips in your company or trade group’s newsletter and on your social media sites.

One last thing. There’s something else companies can do to help out our Armed Forces. This goes without saying – and we know it doesn’t apply to you – but share it with those who might need the reminder. If you support the troops, then the first order of business is good business practices. It’s shady to use mumbo jumbo and trickery to hook anyone. But using sketchy tactics and pressure on servicemembers? Our military community deserves better than that.