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OCC: Counterfeit Cashier’s Checks of Citizens Savings Bank, Clarks Summit, Penn.

June 29, 2015

The counterfeit checks resemble the bank’s authentic checks; however, the counterfeit checks may be identified by the following traits:

  • The checks contain a thick, dark border, which includes the following security statement: “THIS DOCUMENT HAS A COLORED BACKGROUND AND MICROPRINTING. THE REVERSE SIDE INCLUDES AN ARTIFICIAL WATERMARK.”
  • The words “OFFICIAL CHECK” are printed on the check face beneath the top border.
  • Check numbers begin with “05003”.
  • The number “5  505” appears in the bottom left corner of the check.

Counterfeit checks presented to date have been made payable in the amount of $1,450 and are dated June 15, 2015.

Letters accompanying the checks instruct the potential victim to send a text message to (208) 907-1401 on receipt of the check and to immediately deposit the check into his or her bank account. The potential victim is further instructed to retain $200 as a salary payment, to use $50 to make a purchase at a well-known chain store, and to wire transfer the balance of the funds to a third party. The letters ask for transfer details and evaluation forms to be e-mailed to [].