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What’s next in FinTech: It’s not just fundin’ games

October 25, 2016 / Source: FTC

By: Lesley Fair | Oct 24, 2016 2:05PM

Peer-to-peer payment systems and crowdfunding are emerging financial technologies that could render the “Sorry, I forgot my wallet” cliché obsolete. Those talked-about trends are up for discussion at the FTC’s second FinTech Forum, set for Wednesday, October 26, 2016.

According to the agenda, Commissioner McSweeny will open the event at 1:00 Eastern Time. The first panel will feature advocates, law enforcers, and industry representatives considering the implications of peer-to-peer payment systems – online services, often apps, that let people share money electronically. Convenient? Maybe. But what about the consumer protection implications?

After a presentation by FTC’s Office of Technology Research and Investigation, the second panel will discuss the risks and benefits of crowdfunding, a way for companies (and people) to raise money from the public to fund products, projects, or individual ventures. Experts will share their insights on how established consumer protection principles apply.

Malini Mithal, Acting Director of the FTC’s Division of Financial Practices, will put the afternoon in perspective with closing remarks at 4:15 ET.

Registration for the free event begins at 11:45 ET at the FTC’s Constitution Center conference facility, 400 7th Street, S.W., in Washington. Or you can follow the conversation from your desk. We’ll post a WATCH THE WEBCAST link minutes before the FinTech Forum begins.