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Effective Date: NACHA Same-Day ACH (Phase 2)

Same-day ACH capabilities will become effective over three phases beginning in September 2016. Implementation will begin with credits and non-monetary entries because they generally cause fewer exceptions and returns than debits. Beginning in Phase 1, RDFIs will be required to provide end-of-day funds availability for all same-day credit entries received, but will only receive credits (not debits) as same-day entries. Beginning in Phase 2, RDFIs will also receive debit entries as same-day entries. By Phase 3, every RDFI will be required to make available funds from same-day ACH credits no later than 5:00 PM of the RDFI’s local time to give recipients access to funds in their accounts by the end of the business day. Read more here

  • September 15, 2017
  • Time: All Day
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